Sunday, October 11, 2009

Google digital library plan opposed by Angela Merkel; Guardian, 10/11/09

Jamie Doward and Paul Harris, Guardian; Google digital library plan opposed by Angela Merkel:

"German chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday waded into the row over Google's plans to build a massive digital library.

The move was a remarkable intervention from a leading world politician in a growing dispute about the threat posed by the internet, and Google in particular, to publishing companies, authors and also newspapers.

In her weekly video podcast, before the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, Merkel appealed for more international co-operation on copyright protection and said her government opposed Google's drive to create online libraries full of scanned books.

"The German government has a clear position: copyrights have to be protected on the internet," Merkel said, adding that there were "considerable dangers" for copyright protection online.

Merkel, who will officially open the world's largest book fair in Germany's financial capital on Tuesday, said there was a need to discuss the issue in greater detail."

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