Sunday, December 19, 2010

US Ambassador: Over-Focus On Development “Will Kill” WIPO; Intellectual Property Watch, 12/17/10

William New, Intellectual Property Watch; US Ambassador: Over-Focus On Development “Will Kill” WIPO:

"There are two sides to the argument, and [US Ambassador Betty] King took the copyright holder side, indicating that while access is desirable, the denial or abrogation of book authors’ rights “would eventually mean we will never have a book.”

She also referred to the US bringing musician Stevie Wonder – who is visually impaired -to WIPO earlier this autumn (IPW, Copyright Policy, 20 September 2010), and that his message was he wants people to have access but he also values the importance of royalties to the creators. “We have to maintain certain procedures to continue to get movies and books and all of that,” she concluded."

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