Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Online lecture prompts legal fight on copyright; Boston Globe, 8/27/13

Michael B. Farrell, Boston Globe; Online lecture prompts legal fight on copyright: "Famed Harvard legal professor Lawrence Lessig may be the last guy you would want to pick a fight with over copyright issues over the Internet. But that is exactly what Australian record company Liberation Music did when it threatened to sue Lessig, a leading scholar of Internet law and an advocate for fewer copyright restrictions, for allegedly violating its rights by using music from the hit song “Lisztomania” by French pop band Phoenix during a lecture... The Harvard professor filed suit in federal court in Massachusetts last week accusing the record company of abusing copyright laws to stifle his free speech, and of improperly targeting him even though it was aware his use of “Lisztomania” is protected under the fair-use doctrine of copyright law. He is asking a judge to rule that his video does not violate copyright law, and for damages for the financial losses and legal fees."

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