Saturday, February 22, 2014

Aereo loses copyright fight, gets banned in 6 states;, 2/19/14

Joe Mullin,; Aereo loses copyright fight, gets banned in 6 states:
"It's been clear for some time now: Aereo's fate will ultimately be decided by the US Supreme Court. Arguments are scheduled for this April.
Notwithstanding the forthcoming argument at the high court, US District Judge Dale Kimball of Utah has gone ahead and issued a preliminary injunction (PDF), which will ban the Aereo service in Utah as well as the rest of the 10th Circuit, which includes Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado.
Aereo is currently operating in two cities in the 10th Circuit, Salt Lake City and Denver...
Like one of the dissenters in the 2nd Circuit, Judge Denny Chin, Kimball believes that Aereo's transmission constitutes a "public performance" under the law...
The Supreme Court argument over Aereo is scheduled for April 22. A decision will likely come by June.

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