Saturday, May 31, 2014

Federal CIOs, Take Open Data To Next Level; Information Week, 5/29/14

Bobby Caudill, Information Week; Federal CIOs, Take Open Data To Next Level:
"A prime example comes from the State of Michigan's Department of Human Services (DHS). Sadly, there are parents who opt to neglect their financial obligations to their children. Such individuals take steps to hide from the authorities, oftentimes using false contact information. In order to help get child support payments into the hands of the single parents in need, DHS asked a simple question: "How can we find these people?" The answer was in open data.
The data immediately available to the agency was not enough, so DHS looked to other sources in the state. Starting with the Secretary of State, DHS secured access to state drivers' license data. Gaining access to the contact information of the millions of people who are licensed to drive had a huge impact, but DHS found even more valuable information at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It turns out people don't think to falsify information when applying for hunting or fishing licenses. By integrating that information with its existing data, the agency could finally take action to help those in need. From my perspective, this is true innovation."

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