Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Nashville group to push for copyright reform; Tennessean, 5/25/14

Nate Rau, Tennessean; New Nashville group to push for copyright reform:
"A new group comprised of prominent Nashville music publishing companies and other copyright stakeholders has formed, seeking to add another voice to the ongoing debate about sweeping copyright reform.
The group, called Interested Parties Advancing Copyright, consists of about 50 independent publishers, administrators, business managers and entertainment attorneys.
IPAC submitted comments to the federal Copyright Office prior to Friday's deadline for industry stakeholders to weigh in on music licensing reform. IPAC also hopes to participate in next month's federal roundtable discussion in Nashville about the current methods for licensing musical works and sound recordings...
The group's formation comes at a critical time because Congress is in the middle of debates about broad copyright reform. At stake is the potential for sweeping changes to federal laws governing music licensing, performance royalties, digital royalties and music piracy enforcement."

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