Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seven people jailed in China's first online copyright lawsuit; ZDNet, 5/16/14

Cyrus Lee, ZDNet; Seven people jailed in China's first online copyright lawsuit:
"Zhou Zhiquan, CEO of the movie downloading website, was sentenced five years imprisonment for copyright infringement, and a fine of 1 million yuan (US$160,000).
Zhou's other six co-workers were sentenced in jail from one to three years, according to a Sina news report, which called the judgment "the first one ever" dealing with the country's online copyright infringement. was deemed as the country’s largest illegal high-definition movie downloading website, providing tens of thousands of high-definition Blu-ray movies as well videos and television programs. Its registered members had once exceeded 1.4 million.
However, in a crackdown in late April of 2013, when it was also the 13th World Intellectual Property Day, the Chinese police shut down the site and detained CEO and over 30 other employees for suspicion of infringing IP rights."

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