Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vimeo to Launch Music Copyright ID System; Billboard, 5/21/14

Andrew Flanagan, Billboard; Vimeo to Launch Music Copyright ID System:
"Vimeo, the hosting site popular with video artists of all stripes and which uses the motto "upload your own work," will be implementing a system they're calling Copyright Match, intended to prevent music copyright infringement on the site.
CEO Kerry Trainor tells Billboard the system will allow the company to be "a little more controlled in terms of making sure that copyrighted material in its entirety isn't being synched to Vimeo without proper licensing."...
The new system should be less severe than the Content ID system used at Vimeo's main competitor YouTube, which often pulls videos determined to be infringing with little notification to uploaders. Copyright Match, produced in partnership with audio identification company Audible Magic, will be a tiered process...
If videos have a fair use case -- one of the most problematic areas of copyright monitoring in the high-volume digital age -- Vimeo will hear them out and reinstate the video's visibility if it meets their criteria."

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