Monday, July 20, 2015

Pirates face 10 years in prison under UK copyright shake-up;, 7/20/15

Michael Rundle,; Pirates face 10 years in prison under UK copyright shake-up:
"Pirates found guilty of copyright infringement could face up to 10 years in prison under new plans unveiled by the government.
The maximum sentence for commercial copyright infringement is currently two years, but that would be increased by five times under the new plans, unveiled as part of a consultation on intellectual property.
The new prison sentence would apply only to "commercial scale" copyright infringement, however, meaning the vast majority of internet users would not be at risk...
Individuals and organisations are able to make their views known on the consultation to the Intellectual Property Office by emailing, with the full details available via The responses will be collated and published before the proposals move forward through the Commons.
The new proposed measures come in the context of tougher controls over pirate sites and proxies, and intense lobbying from the music, film and digital entertainment industries over digital theft."

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