Monday, September 5, 2016

Pro athletes and the things they trademark; CNN Money, 8/19/16

Ahiza Garcia, CNN Money; Pro athletes and the things they trademark:
"Olympians know what they're worth.
That's why they trademark their names, catchphrases and logos -- things they think might turn into money-making ventures down the line. Sprinter Usain Bolt, for instance, trademarked an icon of the "lightening bolt" stance he's so well known for.
And it's not just Olympians -- plenty of pro-athletes seek trademarks to make money outside of their playing careers...
Bolt can't trademark the actual physical pose -- only symbols, words, phrases and designs can be trademarked, according to Professor J. Gordon Hylton of the University of Virginia School of Law.
Also, applicants must show that their trademark will be used on commercial goods, and it can't go unused for more than three years."

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