Monday, January 2, 2017

Amazon's Multi-Billion Dollar Patent Expires In 2017; Forbes, 1/2/17

Ian Morris, Forbes; Amazon's Multi-Billion Dollar Patent Expires In 2017:

"Amazon's 1-Click is responsible for making the firm a decent amount of money over the years. Certainly, it's produced enough revenue for Amazon to defend its exclusivity of it in the courts, at great cost. But the bad news for Amazon is that its patent on this technology expires in 2017, and it's likely we'll see a lot of online stores adopting similar.

Amazon first applied for a patent on 1-Click in 1997, and it was granted in 1999. The core of the proposition is that by storing your payment and address details you only need to click a single button to order something. This means that there are fewer steps to ordering, which is less time-consuming and what is termed "frictionless".

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