Monday, March 6, 2017

Patent Data – The Modern Investor’s Crystal Ball; Intellectual Property Watch, March 6, 2017

Sirena Rubinoff, Intellectual Property Watch; 

Patent Data – The Modern Investor’s Crystal Ball

"What if there was a crystal ball that could tell you where and when to invest your money? It sounds like science fiction, but engineers at MIT have actually developed a formula that can predict future events in tech development. The formula is based on a combination of big data from patent applications and smart analytics which, when put together, can estimate how fast a technology is advancing.
Why patent applications?
If you want to know where technology is headed, a great place to look is in a patent application database like the USPTO. One of the qualifications for getting a patent granted is “novelty,” which means new, similar innovations won’t appear anywhere else. Once enough data is collected from the database, it can be used to map out and predict unique advancements in specific areas of technology."

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