Saturday, August 5, 2017

Brush Yourself Off And Try Again: An Invention Story; NPR, August 4, 2017

Joe Palca, NPR; Brush Yourself Off And Try Again: An Invention Story

"We told the story of MD Brush in 2014. At that point, it had taken seven years to go from the idea for a new toothbrush to an actual product: seven years of designs, redesigns, re-redesigns, manufacturing obstacles, marketing stumbles and website crashes. When our story aired in August 2014, a production run of 100,000 MD Brushes was underway at a factory in Vietnam.

But not long after the first shipment arrived in the U.S., they ran into the dental industrial complex. One of the big toothbrush companies filed suit against them, accusing them of patent infringement."

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