Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Bill Calling For Transparency In Music Is Surprisingly Opaque; NPR, August 1, 2017

Andrew Flanagan, NPR; New Bill Calling For Transparency In Music Is Surprisingly Opaque

"Recently, Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin picked up an unattended end of this squiggle, unveiling his "Transparency in Music Licensing and Ownership Act." Rep. Sensenbrenner's new bill is ambitious.

Sensenbrenner, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee — through which he has conducted (by his own account) 20 hearings on copyright reform — is calling for the establishment of a comprehensive database of compositions and recordings and those works' owners and identification numbers. It's a project that has been attempted at least once before, and which failed spectacularly due to the competing interests involved in its creation, as well as its significant cost, which no one has been inclined to shoulder. What's more, this database will be free and public."

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