Friday, November 27, 2009

EU assembly adopts Internet, phone user rights; Sydney Morning Herald, 11/26/09

Robert Wielaard, Sydney Morning Herald; EU assembly adopts Internet, phone user rights:

"The European Parliament has endorsed new telecom rules that would give phone and Internet users more rights and allow them to appeal to national courts if they are cut off for illegal file-sharing.

The rules endorsed Tuesday are part of a broad telecommunications package that also aims to boost competition for Internet and phone services.

A new EU-wide telecoms authority also would be set up to ensure fair competition.
The EU's 27 nations must now implement the law by June 2011.

For consumers, the most visible part of the law are the new rights they get to switch cell phone or fixed line operators within one working day and to challenge disconnections, even if they are illegally sharing copyright-protected movies or music."

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