Friday, October 16, 2020

The ultimate crash course on protecting Intellectual Property; Lexology, October 13, 2020

Dennemeyer – The IP Group - Irene Corn, Lexology; The ultimate crash course on protecting Intellectual Property

"Why is it essential to protect your IP?

Your IP — including blueprints, artistic representations, and other information regarding your products, services, publications and branding — is your organization's lifeblood. Without it, those assets would simply not exist because you would have no incentive to create them in the first place.

If IP in business were free for the taking, overall competition among different companies in the same field would be severely limited. It would ultimately be dependent on mundane factors, like marketing and distribution budgets. Moreover, businesses and individual authors alike would get stuck and feel no pressure to create something new; similarly, in the patent field, thousands of the most notable technological advancements of the last century might not have come to pass. The stakes may not be as high for trademarks, but they are still immensely important because of how they express your brand's identity."