Saturday, November 28, 2009

Google's book-scanning deal is not sealed yet; LA Times, 11/28/09

Alex Pham, LA Times; Google's book-scanning deal is not sealed yet:

A revised settlement satisfies some objections, but questions over copyright and antitrust laws remain.

"By giving his blessing, Chin in essence restarted the clock for critics to lob their complaints, giving them until Jan. 28 to file additional objections. Foes include Google rivals Inc. and Microsoft Corp., as well as nonprofit groups such as Consumer Watchdog and the Internet Archive.

Both sides are set to square off before Chin at a Feb. 28 hearing in New York.

The hearing has already been postponed twice -- derailed first in June by authors who said they needed more time to review the complex agreement, and again in October after the Department of Justice weighed in with concerns over antitrust issues and whether authors were given sufficient notice of the settlement.",0,4869293.story

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