Monday, November 2, 2009

Reading from the web: The joy of Google Books; Gleaner (Jamaica, West Indes), 11/1/09

Gleaner (Jamaica, West Indes); Reading from the web: The joy of Google Books:

"Google Books, the online phenomenon that has become something of a godsend to book addicts the world over is quickly gaining popularity among Jamaican readers.

Google Books is the creation of popular Web search engine, Google. It allows access to thousands of books, some of which can be downloaded and read in their entirety. Extensive sections of other books are available for browsing. You can read several pages of these book and even see photos and graphics.

Lots of Jamaicans have been turning to the site recently and it has become a favourite among tech-savvy readers who get a thrill from having access to so many books without having to pay a cent. There are lots of books on Jamaica and the history of the island on the Website and you can browse and learn to your heart's content."

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