Monday, December 7, 2009

Google books court battle could be page-turner; Chicago Tribune, 12/7/09

Alex Pham, Chicago Tribune; Google books court battle could be page-turner:

""His [Judge Denny Chin's] preliminary approval is just his procedural OK for the parties to go ahead" to the next step of the settlement process, said James Grimmelmann, a professor at New York Law School.

By giving his blessing, Chin essentially restarted the clock for critics to lob their complaints, giving them until Jan. 28 to file additional objections...

Potentially the most nettlesome is the question of whether the parties in the settlement should have the right to speak for, and profit from, millions of absent copyright holders or orphan books.

Instead, critics have argued that Congress, not a private lawsuit in federal court, is the appropriate venue to settle the conflict because its outcome could alter the rights of many people who may not be aware of the case.

So even if Chin grants final approval, the settlement could remain mired in the courts.",0,2145400.story

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