Thursday, December 3, 2009

Microsoft starts antipiracy initiatives in 70 countries; Ars Technica, 12/3/09

Emil Protalinski, Ars Technica; Microsoft starts antipiracy initiatives in 70 countries:

In addition to enforcement and engineering improvements to fight piracy, Microsoft has started pushing education initiatives in 70 countries.

"Microsoft has simultaneously launched education initiatives in more than 70 countries to help protect consumers and increase awareness of the risks of counterfeit software. Named Microsoft Consumer Action Day, the push includes an intellectual property rights education program in schools across China, an originals club for software resellers in Germany, a risk-of-counterfeit training course for the consumer protection authority in Mexico, a children's online safety program in Greece, and a study of piracy's impact on small and midsize businesses in Argentina. Details about these efforts are available at and (800) RU-LEGIT (785-3448)."

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