Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Geist: Developing world opposition mounts to anti-counterfeiting agreement; Toronto Star, 6/28/10

Michael Geist, Toronto Star; Geist: Developing world opposition mounts to anti-counterfeiting agreement:

"Just as the G8-G20 meetings conclude in Muskoka and Toronto, another round of negotiations on the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement resumes in Switzerland.

In the aftermath of the last round of discussions, a draft version of the ACTA text was publicly released, temporarily quieting criticism about the lack of transparency associated with an agreement that currently touches on all forms of intellectual property, including patents, trademark and copyright.

While the transparency concerns are no longer in the spotlight, mounting opposition to the agreement from the developing world, particularly powerhouse economies such as India, China and Brazil, is attracting considerable attention. The public opposition from those countries – India has threatened to establish a coalition of countries against the treaty – dramatically raise the political stakes and place Canada between a proverbial rock and hard place, given its close ties to the U.S. and ambition to increase economic ties with India and China.

India and China formally raised their complaints earlier this month at the World Trade Organization, where they identified five concerns with the agreement..."

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