Monday, March 14, 2011

Depositions Reveal; Glimpse of Kirby/Marvel Copyright Lawsuit;, 3/11/11

Brian Cronin,; Depositions Reveal Glimpse of Kirby/Marvel Copyright Lawsuit:

"In summation, as soon as it was announced the Kirby family was going to attempt to terminate the copyrights to the characters in question, it was seen by many to be an uphill battle to get around the "work for hire" roadblock. Jack Kirby's situation at Marvel was quite dissimilar to earlier examples of notable copyright transferees that have received support from the Court, namely Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster selling their Superman strip to DC Comics or Joe Simon and Kirby selling Captain America to Timely, where the characters in question already existed in independent form before the comic book companies got involved. And after reading the five available depositions, the battle doesn't seem to be any less uphill than before."

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