Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frank Foster, Jazz Saxophonist And Arranger, Has Died; NPR's Morning Edition, 7/26/11

NPR's Morning Edition; Frank Foster, Jazz Saxophonist And Arranger, Has Died:

"Foster had given away many of his publishing rights in youthful ignorance, which deprived him of substantial royalty payments over the years.

Last year, a team from Rutgers School of Law helped him win back his rights to collect royalties for his compositions, including "Shiny Stockings." Now, the family Frank Foster worried about for so many years will finally be able to collect on the fruits of his legacy.


More Frank Foster stories at NPR Music:
In 2010, Foster finally won back the copyright for "Shiny Stockings," among other tunes. A Blog Supreme also posted when he finally signed the paperwork."

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