Friday, January 6, 2012

[Podcast] Copyright Law in the Digital Age; Diane Rehm Show, 1/5/12

[Podcast] Diane Rehm Show; Copyright Law in the Digital Age:

"Copyright laws emerged with the arrival of the printing press in 15th-century England. The printing patent served as a way to protect guild members from those who would copy their work. Today, we live in a world of digital abundance, where everyone is both a creator and a user. As more and more information is produced and shared online -- literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works -- some believe we need more ways to protect it without discouraging creativity. Diane and her guests discuss the role of copyright law in the digital age.

William Patry Senior copyright counsel at Google and author of "How to Fix Copyright"

Michael Carroll Director of the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at Washington College of Law at American University and founding board member of Creative Commons, Inc.

Sandra Aistars Executive Director of Copyright Alliance"

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