Saturday, May 4, 2013

Court Dismisses Craigslist Suit Against Competitors; New York Times, 5/1/13

Nick Bilton, New York Times; Court Dismisses Craigslist Suit Against Competitors: "Craigslist does not have exclusive licenses to the postings on its classified advertising Web site, a federal court ruled on Tuesday. Craigslist alleged last year that the listings Web sites PadMapper and Lovely, as well as 3Taps, a company that collects public data and organizes it for the use of developers, were infringing on its copyright and trademark. Craigslist also made a number of other piracy-related claims against the trio and asked the court to shut them down. But Judge Charles R. Breyer of United States District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed the charges on Tuesday. Craigslist’s terms of use do not give it an exclusive license to customers’ data, he said in his ruling, and without an exclusive license, the company cannot sue for infringement."

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