Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google, Viacom settle outmoded YouTube copyright suit; CNet, 3/18/14

Joan E. Solsman, CNet; Google, Viacom settle outmoded YouTube copyright suit:
"Google and Viacom have settled their seven-year copyright lawsuit, a nearly forgotten fight in which the central conflict has largely become an anachronism.
Viacom, the parent company of such television networks as MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon, sued Google shortly after the search giant's acquisition of YouTube. It claimed the sharing platform for user-generated videos hosted thousands of unauthorized clips.
Google and Viacom putting the conflict to rest reflects how much the attitude toward online video has changed for traditional content companies, from one of protective wariness to one of essential opportunity. It also reflects how YouTube, over the course of many years, has improved its control over its platform, enabling it to work more beneficially with those traditional content creators.
In a brief joint statement Tuesday, Google and Viacom said they resolved the suit, without disclosing any terms of the settlement."

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