Friday, June 27, 2014

Aereo Loses at Supreme Court, in Victory for TV Broadcasters; New York Times, 6/25/14

Adam Liptak and Emily Steel, New York Times; Aereo Loses at Supreme Court, in Victory for TV Broadcasters:
"In a case with far-reaching implications for the entertainment and technology business, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Aereo, a television streaming service, had violated copyright laws by capturing broadcast signals on miniature antennas and delivering them to subscribers for a fee.
The 6 to 3 decision handed a major victory to the broadcast networks, which argued that Aereo’s business model was no more than a high-tech approach for stealing their content.
The justices’ ruling leaves the current broadcast model intact while imperiling Aereo’s viability as a business, just two years after a team of engineers, lawyers, marketers and even an Olympic medalist came together with a vision to provide a new viewing service that “enables choice and freedom.”"

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