Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Real Reason People Keep Plagiarizing Tom Petty; Slate, 1/27/15

Adam Ragusea, Slate; The Real Reason People Keep Plagiarizing Tom Petty:
"Tom Petty’s copyright settlement with Sam Smith, announced Monday, marks at least the third time that Petty has heard similarities between his own songs and more recent hits by other artists. I think there’s a reason this keeps happening to Petty in particular: His music is so simple that a song can hardly play with the building blocks of rock ‘n’ roll without evoking a Petty hit.
To be clear, I am a lifelong Petty fan, and I think the virtues of simplicity in any art form far outweigh the downsides. My dispute is with artists who claim ownership over the very paints that everyone else has on their own palettes."

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