Monday, January 25, 2016

‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ shut down after one episode;, 1/25/16

Kevin Melrose,; ‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ shut down after one episode:
"“X-Men: Danger Room Protocols,” a fan-made animated tribute to the 1990s cartoon and comics, has ended after just one episode, purportedly due to legal pressure from Marvel.
“When I set out to make this project, I never really thought this was going to be an issue,” creator Joel Furtado said in a video posted this morning. “I didn’t think that Marvel was going to react this way, and this outcome, for me, is a little bit shocking.”
When contacted by ROBOT 6, Marvel declined comment.
Launched last week, the project was planned as a series of 18 episodes, each pairing two X-Men in a Danger Room training exercise (hence the title). Furtado had described “Danger Room Protocols” as “a love letter to Marvel and my childhood, as well as a way to give something back to the fans.”"

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