Monday, February 8, 2016

YouTube stars U-turn on trademarks after online fury; BBC News, 2/2/16

Chris Baraniuk, BBC News; YouTube stars U-turn on trademarks after online fury:
"One YouTuber who had expressed disappointment over the trademark applications was Jon, from Many a True Nerd.
"I'm delighted, but not hugely surprised," he told the BBC after hearing about the U-turn.
"Given the huge subscriber number falls they've seen, sometimes over 10,000 lost subscriber per hour, the risk to their business was too great to ignore."
Jon added, though, that he felt The Fine Brothers would struggle to regain trust among those alienated by the episode.
"I think this movement and its consequences represent that YouTube as a community is quite determined to stay a free and open platform, and that makes me optimistic for the future," he said."

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