Friday, November 25, 2016

China breaks patent application record; BBC News, 11/24/16

Leo Kelion, BBC News; China breaks patent application record:
"One patent expert - who asked not to be named - suggested the disparity between Chinese inventors' local and international filings reflected the fact that not all the claims would stand up to scrutiny elsewhere.
"The detail of what they are applying for means they would be unlikely to have the necessary degree of novelty to be granted a patent worldwide," he said.
But Wipo's chief economist said things were not so clear cut.
"There is clearly a discussion out there as to what is the quality of Chinese patents," said Carsten Fink.
"But questions have also been asked about US and other [countries'] patents.
"And one should keep in mind that China is a huge economy.
"If you look at its patent filings per head of population, there are still fewer patents being filed there than in the United States.""

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