Monday, November 28, 2016

YouTube protects copyright with artificial intelligence; The Australian, 11/29/16

Chris Griffith, The Australian; YouTube protects copyright with artificial intelligence:
"YouTube is using artificial intelligence to thwart a game of cat and mouse by users circumventing copyright.
The Google-owned service already has algorithms for detecting copyright movie, video and music content that users post on YouTube.
Over the years, some users have developed tricks for getting around detection.
Some have posted video with colours reversed, or images of each frame reversed vertically or horizontally. Other techniques include altering colours, changing the aspect ratio, cropping frames and using a halo effect. The idea is to make video unrecognisable as copyright content...
YouTube however is fighting back. It has been delving into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning to dissemble video and music, and outfox these cunning operators.
“That’s what we’re using machine learning for, to take out these things, and to work out they are the same image,” said Harris Cohen, senior product manager of Content ID at YouTube."

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