Saturday, February 11, 2017

3 companies apply to patent 'fake news'; CNN Money via ABC affiliate, 2/10/17

Heather Long, CNN Money via ABC affiliate; 

3 companies apply to patent 'fake news'

[Kip Currier: I just posted (see post below this one) this CNN Money story by Heather Long, and then saw this version of the same story posted by WPLG in South Florida. In the original CNN Money article, Heather Long correctly used "trademark" in the headline. Inexplicably and mistakenly, WPLG changed the term "trademark" to "patent", rather than just going with the correct headline Heather Long had used.

(Psst...WPLG--trademarks and patents are different types of Intellectual Property!)

Looks like someone in that newsroom needs a primer on the different types of Intellectual Property (an *opportunity* for WPLG General Counsel?). Or an editor who understands the IP distinctions.]

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