Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Educational fair use: a provocation, Collectanea Blog with Peter Jaszi, 3/30/09

Via Collectanea Blog with Peter Jaszi: Educational fair use: a provocation:

"Let me make two modest suggestions:

1. First, it's important that educators refrain from claiming too much under the heading of fair use--and, in particular, that they avoid the simple (and erroneous) proposition that merely because a use is educational, it is definitionally fair...

2. Second, it is crucial to develop the arguments for treating various kinds of educational use as "transformative." Like it or not, this is the current mantra of fair use jurisprudence, and educators need to recognize this jurisprudential fact and respond accordingly. They need to generate more and better explanations (the fair use code for media literary, referenced above, being one example), of how educational uses don't just repeat quoted material for its original purposes, but both repurpose that material and add value to it."


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