Friday, September 11, 2009

Steal this story? Beware Net’s plagiarism ‘cops’;, 9/10/09

Diane Mapes via; Steal this story? Beware Net’s plagiarism ‘cops’:

Increasing number of sites are on the lookout for stolen words, phrases

"There’s even been a lawsuit (which iParadigms won in 2008) involving four high school students who claimed submitting their homework to TurnItIn was a violation of copyright law.

Today’s digital world presents new and difficult challenges, though, says Povejsil of iParadigms.
“There’s a whole new reality that the digital world has brought us to, and kids have a very different perception of things than the people who learned about fair use and plagiarism in a print world,” she says.

“One third of teenagers don’t believe that downloading a paper from the Internet is a serious offense. To them, copying text from a Web site is either a minor offense or it’s not cheating at all. That’s the world we find ourselves in and educators find themselves in.” "

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