Sunday, October 2, 2016

Library offers workshop ‘Copyright and Fair Use for Graduate Students’; University of Delaware, 9/28/16

UDaily Staff, University of Delaware; Library offers workshop ‘Copyright and Fair Use for Graduate Students’ :
"The University of Delaware Library is offering a Nov. 17 workshop on “Copyright and Fair Use for Graduate Students,” which will deal with the practical application of copyright law and its fair use provisions.
Considering copyright at the beginning of the research process will simplify the completion of the degree requirements for graduate students. Attendees will learn why and when copyright is important to scholars – researchers, writers and teachers – and these important skills:
• How to determine when permission is needed to use an excerpt or image;
• How to obtain permission; what to do when permission to use an image or excerpt cannot be obtained; and
• How to evaluate if fair use may be an appropriate defense for your use of material protected by copyright...
The workshop is available at no charge is open to University of Delaware faculty, staff and students."

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