Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sorry, Trump. Someone Else Just Got Dibs on the Trump TV Trademark; Fortune, 10/27/16

Tory Newmyer, Fortune; Sorry, Trump. Someone Else Just Got Dibs on the Trump TV Trademark:
"Trump could almost certainly secure the trademark if he wants it. For one, Grabowsky’s declaration that he has no intention of using it will likely prompt the trademark office to decide against awarding it to him, according to Ann Ford, chair of the U.S. trademark, copyright and media practice at DLA Piper. And Trump’s fame gives him another advantage in locking down a trademark with his name on it. “Fame gives you a kind of superpower as a trademark,” Ford says.
But it could take a while...
Over the years, Trump has trademarked a dizzying array of products and events with his name on them, many since failed or abandoned: Donald J. Trump, the Fragrance; Trump Vodka; Trump Power and Trump Fire (both non-alcoholic beverages); Purely Trump and Trump Ice (both bottled waters); Trump Steaks; Trump Style (a lifestyle magazine); Trump Steaks; Trump Shuttle; Trumpnet; and Oysters Trump. And in 1991, he managed to grab a trademark for “Central Park,” which he’s since slapped on everything from parking garages to pillows.
The campaign itself has presented its own branding opportunities. Trump applied to lock down the trademark for his now-signature “Make America Great Again” slogan way back in November 2012, days after Obama won a second term. And he’s kept an eye out since launching his bid. After Texas Sen. Ted Cruz accused him of throwing a “Trumpertantrum” when he finished second in the Iowa caucuses earlier this year, Trump mused about trademarking the term—“before he does.”"

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