Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dr. Seuss Enterprises Suing Over 'Star Trek' Mashup; Hollywood Reporter, 11/14/16

Eriq Gardner, Hollywood Reporter; Dr. Seuss Enterprises Suing Over 'Star Trek' Mashup:
"The lawsuit isn't catching defendants completely off-guard.
According to the complaint, in a section on its Kickstarter page presenting the "risks and challenges" to the project, the defendants proclaimed, "While we firmly believe that our parody, created with love and affection, fully falls within the boundary of fair use, there may be some people who believe that this might be in violation of their intellectual property rights. And we may have to spend time and money proving it to people in black robes. And we may even lose that."
Copyright infringement or fair use?
Here's the complaint from Dr. Seuss
One side will win
And one side will lose."

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