Saturday, February 3, 2018

Responsible Enforcement: How To Handle Copyright Disputes; Forbes, January 31, 2018

Art Neill, Forbes; Responsible Enforcement: How To Handle Copyright Disputes

"Co-author Teri Karobonik contributed to this post*
You’ve started your business and covered all your bases. You’ve got contracts in place and you registered your copyrights and trademarks. But then it happens: you see your copyright or trademark reused without your permission. Or maybe, despite your carefully crafted contract, the videographer your hired to create a promo video won’t give you the video that you paid for. Or perhaps someone just said something really mean about you on the internet. What do you do?
There are many types of legal disputes that you might encounter when you own intellectual property. While we can’t tell you what to do in every situation, let’s break down many of the types of disputes you may encounter and provide some basic suggestions for responding to those disputes.

This is part of 1 of 3 about responsible enforcement in copyright disputes. The next two articles will be about trademark and defamation disputes."

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