Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Responsible Enforcement: How To Handle Trademark Disputes Effectively; Forbes, March 15, 2018

Art Neill, Forbes; Responsible Enforcement: How To Handle Trademark Disputes Effectively

"Co-author Teri Karobonik contributed to this post*
There are many different types of legal disputes that you might encounter when you own intellectual property. Trademark law protects consumers from confusion regarding the origin or source of a product or service. Trademarks can end up being a significant asset for your business because over time, your customers will be able to identify with the company. Your branding choices can make or break your business, and your trademarks will help you build that brand.
This means that you as a business owner should know what kind of protection your trademarks get you, how to maintain and use your trademarks (and those of another company), and when you should take action against someone using your trademarks. Trademarks can be expensive to get, more expensive to protect, and disastrous to your business if you lose protection. Because of these factors, trademark over-enforcement has become a bit of an epidemic, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
In the second part of this multi-part series (see part 1 on handling copyright infringement here), we provide some key tips and action steps for enforcing your trademarks responsibly online."

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