Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Copyright Meets a New Worthy Foe: The Real-Time Web;, 5/21/09

Liz Gannes via; Copyright Meets a New Worthy Foe: The Real-Time Web:

"If you’re a copyright holder and you want to keep up with your pirated content flitting about the web — well, good luck. The way the DMCA is set up means you’re always chasing, and the real-time web is racing faster than ever before. Analytics services are only just emerging that will tell you where your views are coming from on a semi-real-time basis.

That’s especially true for live video streaming sites such as Ustream and

They’re also working to perfect and sell services so rights holders can monetize unauthorized clips that go viral, turning those views into marketing and revenue. (See our extended feature on this topic.) Adoption of such programs is moving a lot faster than the law...

Another live video company, Livestream (which until this week was called Mogulus), is trying to stand out from and Ustream by monitoring copyright more closely than DMCA requires. Livestream CEO Max Haot tells us his company has adopted aggressive copyright policies such as limiting new accounts to 50 concurrent viewers until they have been verified."

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