Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Without Copyright Infringement, Deadpool Doesn't Get Made; TechDirt.com, 2/16/16

Tim Cushing, TechDirt.com; Without Copyright Infringement, Deadpool Doesn't Get Made:
"Sure, leaking test footage isn't like leaking an entire film, but without that happening, nothing else does. The movie is never made and Fox doesn't have almost three times the budget grossed within the first four days of ticket sales. But because this leak happened, the studio is likely in control of a promising franchise, provided it can keep the lightning bottled and push forward without discarding everything that makes Deadpool Deadpool. And everyone involved can thank the unnamed person they won't rat out for shrugging off the insular "power" of copyright and mobilizing a fan base that is now making good on its promise to support the movie."

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