Thursday, August 3, 2017

Can An AI Algorithm Copyright What It Creates?; Forbes, August 2, 2017

Kalev Leetaru, Forbes; Can An AI Algorithm Copyright What It Creates?

"Today AI systems are still largely human guided, meaning that even creative algorithms like Google’s Deep Dream are still dependent on the input of a human artist to select both the training images to build the neural network and the image to manipulate. What happens, however, as deep learning algorithms become increasingly capable, eventually operating more and more without human oversight?
Imagine a future version of Deep Dream that is fully autonomous and sits by itself coming up with completely novel imagery that has never been seen by human eyes and which was not guided or suggested by any human. Who owns the rights to these images? If an art company uses such an algorithm to produce new works, can it copyright those works for itself or are the works entirely unprotectable? Or could the AI itself own those works and generate profit from them that it could use to improve itself?"

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