Thursday, August 17, 2017

Toblerone shape not distinctive enough for trademark, Poundland claims; Guardian, August 17, 2017

Sarah Butler, Guardian; Toblerone shape not distinctive enough for trademark, Poundland claims

"Poundland has claimed Toblerone’s shape is no longer distinctive enough to be a valid trademark, in legal documents defending its right to launch a copycat bar.

Last month, the budget chain was forced to delay the launch of its Twin Peaks bar, which has two humps rather than the single peaks of Toblerone, after a legal warning from the brand’s owner, a Swiss division of Mondel─ôz...

Toblerone is one of Poundland’s most popular products, with 11m bars sold last year. But the retailer says it decided to bring out Twin Peaks “in response to the unfavourable reception” that greeted Toblerone’s new version with fewer chunks, launched last year."

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