Friday, October 30, 2009

HP bets on paper books and magazines in digital age; San Jose Business Journal, 10/21/09

San Jose Business Journal; HP bets on paper books and magazines in digital age:

"Hewlett-Packard Co. is placing a big bet on paper magazines and paper books, even as electronic books and readers become more popular, with Barnes & Noble introducing its new Nook reader Tuesday.

HP is setting up projects to allow people to print their own magazines and to print old books that are out of copyright.

Palo Alto-based HP (NYSE: HPQ) is working with Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales, who started Wikipedia, on Mag Cloud, a service that lets people pay about 20 cents a page to create and print magazines from Wales’ for-profit Wikia business. Someone can put together content from various Wikia pages and print them out as a magazine.

People can print books if the copyright has expired using another HP service called BookPrep. To print a 250-page book will cost about $15, for example."

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