Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Book-Pricing Battle, How Low Can They Go?; New York Times, 10/21/09

Motoko Rich, New York Times; In Book-Pricing Battle, How Low Can They Go?:

"On Monday Target began offering customers who ordered any of six soon-to-be published books on its Web site the same $8.99 price that Wal-Mart has been offering since Friday for 10 titles on its Web site. had originally offered the books for $10, then dropped to $9 on Friday after had matched its $10 price. When Amazon also went to $9, Wal-Mart cut its price by just a penny. And sure enough, when, the newcomer to the price war, matched that $8.99 on six of the books, Wal-Mart responded on Tuesday by dropping its price on those books to $8.98."

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