Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pioneers to publish 'personalised papers'; Guardian, 10/14/09

Roy Gleenslade, Guardian; Pioneers to publish 'personalised papers':

"Despite the advance of the net, newsprint newspaper innovation continues apace. Here's a zany idea, for example, dreamed up by two young German entrepreneurs.

They plan to publish papers tailored to readers' individual wishes, and then have them delivered to their doors before 8am.

Customers will choose what topics they want to read about - be it sport, politics, fashion, whatever - and receive news only on their chosen subjects.

The articles will be selected from major German papers, such as Handelsblatt, Bild and Tagesspiegel, foreign titles such as the International Herald Tribune or the New York Times, as well as major blogs and a variety of internet news sources.

The newspaper, called niiu, will carry articles in both English and German and is aimed primarily at students, say newsprint pioneers Hendrik Tiedemann, 27, and Wanja Soeren Oberhof, 23...

But what about the copyright problem? AFP doesn't report on that. Did their reporter even ask? And what realistic chances has it of succeeding? My hunch: virtually none."

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