Thursday, October 8, 2009

YouTube pacts heighten copyright vigilance; Sydney Morning Herald, 10/8/09

Sydney Morning Herald; YouTube pacts heighten copyright vigilance:

"YouTube on Wednesday said it will be able to quickly track snippets from live television shows thanks to new partnerships with three broadcast video delivery specialty firms.

Google has been working to assuage piracy worries of film and television studios since the Mountain View, California, Internet powerhouse bought YouTube in 2006 in a deal valued at 1.65 billion US dollars.

YouTube said alliances with broadcast video delivery and management titans Harmonic, Telestream, and Digital Rapids will let it speedily recognize content from live events posted at the video-sharing service.

Many media companies will be able to give YouTube reference files, or "fingerprints," of video almost as soon as it is produced so fresh content can be identified, product manager George Salem said in an official blog post.

"Our partners will be able to provide us with reference files in a few minutes, allowing them to block, leave up, or monetize videos of their live events on YouTube in near real time," Salem said."

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